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CHATEAU DE SAVIGNY & CHRISTOPHE Chateau De Savigny 21420 SAVIGNY LÈS BEAUNE France Tél : 0380215503 Fax : 0380215484 -----------
Siret :
Michel PONT
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Les Amis du Musée du Château de Savigny
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A small history

Its in Bourgogne, in the middle of the Côte de Beaune, the famous Château de Savigny-les-Beaune dominates a magnificent property of 12 hectares, crossed by a river that originally fed the moat of the ancient fortress.

Built in 1340 for Duke Odo by John Frolois, Marshal of Burgundy, it was dismantled in 1478 as punishment for what the Lord had sided with Mary of Burgundy against Louis XI, though keeping the crows still visible on the battlements two rounds.
Having become property of the Bouhier family in the early seventeenth century, it was Etienne who renovated and decorated the castle at that time.His son John, the new owner upon the death of the latter in 1635, built the interior staircase, the same model built by Mansart in the Château de Maisons-Laffitte. His son, Benign, succeeded him in 1671 and marks its passage by building the "Petit Château".The eldest son of Benign, Jean Bouhier,entered the French Academy in 1727.

In 1689, everything became the property of the Migieu family, from then by marriage to the General Comte de la Loyère and his descendants. His son, Comte de la Loyère, whose small son, professor Joseph de Pesquidoux, was born in Savigny in 1869,and was Chair of Viticulture committee of the Côte d'Or from 1854 to 1879.

His collaborator was Dr. Guyot whose works on the viticulture are still among the best. He died and was buried at Savigny in 1872.

During the year 1719, the President of Migieu had to abandon his castle for a few months where it served as a residence to the Duchess of Maine during his exile in Burgundy.

• Visit the various museums considered exceptional
• Tasting and take-away of the great vintages bottled in the castle's cave
•Provision of magnificent rooms of the castle reserved for food, to gala dinners, music, in short, the joy of living "life in a Castle!"

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